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301 Westmount Drive North
Orillia, ON
Tel: (705) 325-9902





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A Local Landmark Since 1975


In 1975, John Ward opened Country Produce at 454 West Street North in Orillia. At the time, specialized fruit and vegetable shops were rare. John established Country Produce because he believed that chain stores were getting too much into packaging so that customers had to buy in quantites that they sometimes did not need.


This produce was not the highest quality and was not fresh by the time it left the chain store warehouses and into the hands of the consumer. Country Produce reversed this trend by offering the best quality products and displayed the merchandise so that customers could decide exactly what produce they wanted to purchase. Mr. Ward does most of the buying which involves travelling to Toronto at 2:30AM nearly every day in the busy summer season to hand pick the best produce available.


After two successful years, the store expanded and moved to it's present location. Since its inception Country Produce has added a Delicatessen, Butcher shop, Bakery, Fresh Fish and Seafood Counter, Salad Bar and Giftware Section.



With the hard work and dedication from both John and all of his employees, Country Produce has evolved to become the unique, successful and modern market it is today.



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Contact Us
301 Westmount Drive North
Orillia, ON

Tel: (705) 325-9902